Elsah Cort, RN, CMT

Feng Shui is an ancient practice and was present in a myriad of expressions in all indigenous cultures. In recent years it has bloomed in the western world where it has become organic and fluidic, re-creating itself.

As your Feng Shui consultant, I see my role as guide or mentor only. 
The most important practitioner of Feng Shui is you!

I found feng shui almost twenty years ago as I was studying craniosacral work. I saw how these practices worked together as two sides of the same coin. Feng Shui works with the outer aspects of our being and lives, craniosacral therapy works with the inner aspects, although both cross their own realms all the time, as they are supreme forms of energy work.

Both Feng Shui and craniosacral therapy interface with the invisible world and can offer profound manifestations in the visible world.

I have “played” with feng shui in my own home and life, working through many, many layers of changes. Feng Shui is an on-going process. How you practice it evolves with how you live your own life.

I have been an RN since 1969 and I am an education provider for the California Board of Registered Nursing. I offer nursing burnout retreats, based on mind-body-spirit concepts and hands-on techniques found in craniosacral therapy and other integrative medicine principles and practices. The workshops are designed for nurses but are also open to anyone with job burnout. Continuing nursing education hours are available to licensed RN’s and LVN’s in California.

I have been a bed and breakfast host since 1987 with my private guest cottage, Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast, located 4 miles from the main entrance to Sequoia National Park.

I am a collage artist.


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