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Feng Shui as a Subtle Tool

Feng Shui works for sure, but how and why does it work? This question has brought forth tons of books, websites and discussions, including ones that say it is all bunk. The answer follows around 4000 years of observation, practice and the unfolding of feng shui itself.

I see it as a profound mirror for how the universe functions, especially on this planet. Each of us has an opportunity to explore our inner and outer lives through the practice of feng shui. And we don’t have to be experts on it to do this.

Our objects in our homes are gathers and dispersers of energy. When we consciously and intentionally place these things, using feng shui, principles, a subtle shift can occur that ripples out through our lives.

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just plain too tired to embrace feng shui, move 27 things. Move them any where. But as you move them, notice that you are making a very small effort that could surprise you.